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Cable Double-ended Rubber Seals Crimping Machine Cable Double-ended Rubber Seals Crimping Machine

This is a fully automatic wire double-ended rubber seal insertion and crimping machine. Driven by Mitsubishi servo motor and ball screw, using Mitsubishi control system, the movement is stable and precise.

  • WL-C332-FSS
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○ Function: wire cutting, stripping, double-ended rubber seals insertion and both ends terminal crimping

○ The Mitsubishi control system makes cable stripping, rubber seals insertion and terminal crimping very precise.

○ Touch screen operation, simple and convenient, can set stripping and cutting length, cutting depth, and crimping position.

○ The automatic detection function of the machine can effectively control the occurrence of defective products, so that they can be found and dealt with in time.

Model WL-C332-FSS
Max. Capacity 4000 pieces/hour (L=100mm, seals insertion at both ends)
Applicable wire diameter 0.2-2.5mm² (3.0mm² or above optional)
Cutting length 35-9999mm (99999 optional)
Cutting precision (0.2+0.00005×L) mm
Stripping length 0-15mm
Crimping force 2.5T (4T optional)
Crimping method servo crimping
Display language Chinese/English
Power supply 3-phase 220V within ±10% (50/60HZ)
Compressed air 0.5Mpa 150(ANR)/min
Dimensions 1200mm*1100mm*2300mm (length, width and height)
Weight 525KG

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