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Terminal Cross Section Analysis System Terminal Cross Section Analysis System

The terminal cross-section analyzer is designed to detect the quality of crimping terminal. It includes the following modules: terminal fixture, cutting and grinding, corrosion cleaning, cross-section image acquisition, measurement and data analysis, generate data reports. It only takes about 5 minutes to complete the cross-setion analysis of a terminal.

  • WL-SE3
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○ Mainly used for cross section testing of terminal after crimping

○ Exquisite and portable in structure design, and easy to operate
○ High quality optical instrument with low distortion and image capture module

○ Optical instrument with safety protection device, and easy for transportation

○ Automatic cutting module, with high-speed grinding module with fine adjustment           

○ Testing result is automatically generated from the relevant software

Model WL-SE3
Terminal cross section analysis Japan imported segmentless zoom optical system
Total video magnification 30~312X
Applivable wire range 0.01~33mm2 (Max. 120mm2)
Power supply 100~240VAC, 50/60Hz 
Imaging system Japanese industrial HD video system 5 million
Cut blade specifications Φ150x0.5mm(Imported from Germany, delicate and durable)
Abrasive sandpaper 1200#  
Standard fixture 0.01~33mm2
Professional high-precision reference ruler 0.01/10mm
Terminal corrosion Liquid cleaning (5S completed)
Lighting source All white adjustable LED lighting device
Dimensions W500 x D350 x H350

Precision integrated automatic cutting and grinding equipment,

German motor 0~4000rpm stepless speed regulation, professional 

terminal cross section analysis software Section-MS with encryption 

lock and CD


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