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Wire One Side Crimping and Housing Assembly Machine Wire One Side Crimping and Housing Assembly Machine

Our cable single end crimping and housing inserting machine is designed to revolutionize your cable assembly processes. With its cutting-edge technology and precision engineering, this machine offers unparalleled efficiency and accuracy.

  • WL-SHCJK02
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○ Crimping Excellence: Our machine ensures flawless crimping of cable ends, guaranteeing secure and reliable connections. The advanced crimping mechanism delivers consistent results, eliminating the risk of faulty connections.

○ Seamless Housing Insertion: With our machine's innovative housing insertion system, you can effortlessly insert connectors into cable housings. This process is streamlined and error-free, saving you valuable time and effort.

○ Versatility and Adaptability: Our machine is compatible with a wide range of cable sizes and connector types, making it suitable for various applications. Its adaptability allows for seamless integration into your existing production line.

○ User-Friendly Interface: The machine's intuitive interface simplifies operation, ensuring ease of use for operators of all skill levels. The clear display provides real-time feedback, allowing for quick adjustments and minimizing downtime.

○ Robust Construction: Crafted from high-quality materials, our machine is built to withstand rigorous industrial environments. Its durability ensures long-lasting performance, reducing maintenance costs and maximizing productivity.

○ Safety First: We prioritize the safety of your operators. Our machine is equipped with comprehensive safety features, including emergency stop buttons and protective guards, ensuring a secure working environment.

○ Enhanced Efficiency: By automating the crimping and housing insertion processes, our machine significantly increases productivity. It eliminates human error, reduces labor costs, and optimizes your overall production output.

Model WL-SHCJK02
Power supply AC 220V
Standard functions wire cutting, single-end stripping, single-end crimping, single-end housing shell inserting; rear-end twisting, tin dipping
Optional features CFM, wire stranding
Detection functions presence of wires, knotted wires, presence of terminals, presence of plastic shells, air pressure alarm, motor abnormality, CCD visual inspection, tin shortage alarm, liquid level detection, etc.
Production capacity 400-450 action cycles/hour (24 terminals/action cycle)
Cutting length 30mm-750mm (Special specifications can be customized)
Cutting accuracy +0.1mm + cutting length x 0.1% or less
Applicable connector housing spacing 1.0, 1.25, 1.5, 2.0, 2.54, 3.96 (mm)
Processable wire range AWG#32-AWG#18 (electronic wires and flat cables
Rear stripping length 1-9mm (half-stripping or full-stripping, special specifications can be customized)
Tin dipping length 1-9mm (special specifications can be customized)
Crimping machine 2T variable frequency crimping machine
Air pressure 0.6-0.7MPa (need clean and dry air)
Dimensions L1900MM x W1100MM x H17 60MM
Weight about 620KG

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