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Fully Automatic Coax Cable IPEX Terminal Assembly Machine Fully Automatic Coax Cable IPEX Terminal Assembly Machine

This machine is designed for I-PEX coaxial wire processing in the RF industry. The processed products are widely used in aerospace, communication facilities, notebook computers, mobile phones, tablets, wireless routers, smart homes, drones, shared bicycles, etc.

  • WL-701
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  • The back end is compatible with the PCB soldering board and automatic assembly machine manufactured by our company. 

  • In-depth integration of automation, information technology, precision manufacturing, and intelligent manufacturing.

  • High efficiency, high safety, high reliability and high operability.

  • Integrated operation: accurate stripping, visual error correction, terminal assembly, electrical measurement, and tinning.

  • Shorten commissioning and delivery cycles, rapid customer benefits, and high return on investment.

Processing methodsingle end terminal crimping, single end tinning
Applicable cable diameter0.81-1.37 mm
Cutting length50-1000mm
Stripping sizeless than 30mm
Applicable terminals1-5 generations
Processing efficiency1050-1500 PPH
Air pressure0.5pa
Weightabout 400kg

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