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Fully Automatic Coax Cable Crimping and Tinning Machine Fully Automatic Coax Cable Crimping and Tinning Machine

This fully automatic coax cable stripping crimping and tinning machine is able to cut and strip coaxial cables, crimp terminals on one end, and dip tin on the other end.

  • WL-703
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○ Function: coaxial cable cutting, sheath stripping, single end crimping, single end tinning machine
○ Applicable cable size: 0.81-1.37mm
○ Cutting length: 50-1000mm
○ Stripping length: ≤30mm

Model WL-703
Cable size 0.81-1.37mm
Cutting length 50-1000mm
Stripping length ≤30mm
Air pressure 0.5pa
Power 6KW
Test High voltage short circuit
Visual inspection Visual inspection shows clear and accurate
Connecting Can be connected to the rear welding machine for producing
Temperature setting

The actual temperature of the tin furnace cannot be different from the displayed

temperature by ±10 degrees.

Processing methods One end crimping, the other end tinning
Efficiency 1050-1400pcs/h
Defect rate ≦ 1%
Weight 400kg
Size 1700*1700*2200mm

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