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Closed End Nylon Crimp Caps Crimping Machine Closed End Nylon Crimp Caps Crimping Machine

This is a semi-automatic cable connector crimping machine with vibration plate feeding. It is customized for crimping closed end nylon crimp cap connectors.

  • WL-ZDP03-CAP
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○ Based on the silent terminal machine, using cassette molds, easy and convenient to disassemble;

○ Microcomputer chip control, humanized program design, safe and reliable operation;

○ Replace expensive chain terminals and use more economical loose terminals;

○ Centrifugal vibration feeding, frequency conversion speed regulation, precise positioning of cylinder, unified riveting standard;

○ The operating speed is comparable to that of the chain terminals, saving labor and cost, and having more cost-effective advantages;

○ When necessary, it can be used as a separate silent terminal machine, suitable for 800#, 2000# straight and horizontal applicators.

○ Manual operation part

Manually put the terminal into the vibration plate

Manually put the wire into the terminal to be crimped

○ Machine running part

Automatically arrange and feed the terminals

Automatically feed the terminal into the designated die(The feeding speed of regular terminals is 60~70 pcs per minute. The speed is 3000-4000 pcs per hour. Note: special terminals are excluded)

When ready, start the crimp switch, the pressing is completed automatically.

Model WL-ZDP03-CAP
Dimensions Conventional 500*860*1360 (mm); Special slide rail type: 500*1050*1360 (mm)
Power supply AC 220V/50Hz
Weight about 140KG-170KG
Power consumption Motor: 250W;  LED light: 220V 1W; Vibration plate: 120W
Crimping capacity 20Kn
Stroke of slider 35mm (40mm)
Crimping frequency 120 times/min
Closing height 26mm; Closing height adjustment 10mm

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