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Leather Optical Fiber Cable Stripping Machine Leather Optical Fiber Cable Stripping Machine

This optical jumper cable stripping machine is mainly used in the process of stripping the sheath of single-core butterfly cable, cutting off the reinforcement, and stripping the fiber core.

  • WL-GPB01
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○ The chassis shell is made of cold-rolled steel plate, and the surface is sprayed with plastic.

○ Adopt PLC industrial control board touch screen control, easy to operate.

○ The tool is made of high-strength metal to ensure the quality and service life of the tool.

○ The internal structure is compact, the layout is reasonable, and the external structure and size are reasonable. Suitable for most production lines.

Model WL-GPB01
Applicable cable range steel wire, FRP, KFRP, GFRP, etc.
Work efficiency 500-600pcs/h



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