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125 Tons Pressing Machine 125 Tons Pressing Machine

When the robot clamps the qualified pre-forged blank and moves it to the waiting position of the 125 tons pressing machine, the system will predict whether the punch can discharge and stamp. When the prediction is OK, the robot will make a prediction based on the blank material and the mold.

  • WL-125T
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○ Put the hot copper rod into the mold, then release the clamping fingers. After a delay, the robot moves up and returns to a safe position.
○ When the system detects the safe position of the robot, the punch clutch works and the punch slide moves down. , the product is stamped, the punch slider moves up again, the upper mold also moves up, and the product follows the mold upward;
○ When the system detects the punch slider and the mold moves up to the set position, the manipulator after the punch press quickly enters the middle of the mold. At this time, the punch slider rises to the top dead center, the punch rod works, the product is taken out of the upper mold, and the splicing plate detects that after receiving the product, the splicing plate returns. The fuel injection system works. The equipment performs the next stamping operation.

Model WL-125T
Slider nominal force 1250 KN
Nominal force stroke 6 mm
Slider stroke 180 mm
Number of strokes fixed 50 times/min
Variable 35-60 times/min
Maximum mold height 350 times/min
Die height adjustment 90 mm
The distance from the center of the slider to the fuselage 350 mm
Column distance 630 mm
Slider Bottom Size

Left and Right: 620 mm

Front and rear:520 mm

Die handle hole size diameter 70 mm
Depth 80 mm
Worktable size

Left and right:1100 mm

Front and rear:680 mm

Drop hole diameter 200 mm
Workbench thickness 155 mm
Workbench distance from the ground 850 mm
Motor power 11 Kw 
Power supply voltage AC 380V±7%
Power supply frequency 50HZ±0.5HZ
Ambient temperature ºC 5ºC~40ºC
Ambient humidity 50% (+40ºC)~90% (+20ºC)  
Dimension 204*132*298cm
Weight 8500 kg

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