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Wire Harness Taping Machine

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This cable taping machine is mainly used for wrapping tapes for wire harness used in automobiles, motorcycles and aviation, playing the role of marking, fixing and insulating.

Model: AT-305

Wire harness taping machine


  • Compatible with different types of tape materials without release paper, such as cloth tape, PVC tape, etc.

  • Keep it flat and free of wrinkles, which can ensure that the winding of the cloth tape is overlapped with the previous circle by 1/2;

  • Switch between different winding modes: point winding at the same position, and spiral winding at different positions;

  • Semi-automatic winding;

  • Available to custom lap and speed settings and has the output display;

  • Blades can be quickly replaced.

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Operation video of the wire harness taping machine

Technical Data

Tape width15-45mm
Taping diameter0.1-40mm
Package size500*360*360mm


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