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Wire Color Sequence Detector with Short Circuit and Open Circuit Testing Function

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The two-row connector wire sequence detector machine can detect the conduction performance, and color sequence of single-row or double-row wires.

Model: WL-DC2

Wire Color Sequence Detector With Short Circuit And Open Circuit Testing Function


  • Function: detect the conduction performance, detect color sequence of the wire harness

  • Put into the fixture to trigger automatically, no external switch is needed to trigger

  • Using high-performance industrial cameras, the imaging effect is very good and the detection accuracy is high.

  • Unit detection time <0.2S

  • No baffle is needed, and the product is feasible as long as it is in the detection area.

  • Standard system, stability, strong versatility, all double-row wiring harnesses can be tested.

  • Strong anti-interference ability, characters and color circles on the wire can be detected without affecting the detection results.

  • The color tester can detect the color sequence of single-row or double-row wires with a width of less than 48mm.

  • The continuity test can detect 64 points of short open circuit and misalignment.

  • Color test and continuity test can support single selection and multiple selection.

  • The test results are displayed on the screen, indicator lights, and voice prompts.

  • The test parameters can be archived.

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Operation video of theWire Color Sequence Detector With Short Circuit And Open Circuit Testing Function

Technical Data

Model WL-DC2
Unit detection time <0.2S

100~120VAC 2A

200~240VAC 1A


Power consumption 30W


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