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Ultrasonic Satin Woven Labels Cutting Machine

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This is a high speed ultrasonic fabric label cutting machine. The materials are sealed by the instant heat from the ultrasonic unit while cutting. The cutting speed can reach up to 600 pcs/min.

Model: WL-203A

Ultrasonic Satin Woven Labels Cutting Machine


  • Applicable materials: ribbon, nylon tape, woven tape, cotton tape, clothing trademark, etc.

  • Ultrasonic technology makes the cutting incision soft and flat, non-burning, non-scattering, suitable for a variety of materials;

  • Imported photoelectric eye positioning is accurate and easy to operate;

  • Stable and scientific control system and program, high quality motor, speed up to 600pcs/min, multi-use, greatly improve production efficiency;

  • For different materials, various working modes can be switched at will: regular length cutting, precise positioning cutting, waste cutting and debugging cutting;

  • Practical auxiliary functions: eliminating static electricity at the discharge port effectively prevents the secondary shearing and overlapping of the material due to electrostatic adsorption. The indentation function is equivalent to the effect of folding, and the back tray is equipped with an automatic discharge function;

  • High quality and durable ultrasonic generator;

  • Simple and easy to learn control system to reduce the cost of learning;

  • Memory function: automatically store the parameters set before turning off the switch.

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Operation video of the high speed ultrasonic fabric labels cutting machine

Technical Data

Cutting length1-99cm
Cutting width1-8.5cm
Cutting speed600 pcs/min
Power supply220v 1.5kw
Net weight105KG
Size93L*65W*148H cm


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