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Ultrasonic refrigerator copper tube welding and sealing equipment

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Ultrasonic metal tube sealing machine for processing copper or aluminum tubes of refrigerators and air conditioners.

Model: WL-FKJ

ultrasonic copper tube sealing and cutting machine


  • This ultrasonic copper tube sealing machine does not need to be preheated by heating.

  • The sealing speed is fast and the efficiency is high.

  • The equipment is small in size, easy to carry and easy to operate.

  • It is safe and environmentally friendly. It uses ultrasonic high-frequency friction to instantly generate high temperatures to melt and weld metal materials.

  • Efficient resonance frequency work, automatic tracking, large output power, stable and reliable welding.

  • Ultrasonic power is adjustable, and a number of built-in parameters can be set, such as pressure, welding time, holding pressure cooling time, vibration fall time, cylinder down pressure rise speed, etc. Welding parameters can be selected according to different welding materials and diameters.

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Operation video of the ultrasonic copper tube sealing and cutting machine

Technical Data

Ultrasonic generator sizeL370*W420*H170mm
Ultrasonic generator net weight10.5KG


Net weight


Working frequency


Working voltage

220V (AC110V/220V adapter can be added)

Welding head material

Carbide steel


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