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Ultrasonic Mask Earbands Welding Machine

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This is a semi-automatic mask earloop welding machine. It is convenient and simple to operate, can continuously operate at high speed, and has high production efficiency.

Ultrasonic Mask Earbands Welding Machine


  • Designed for spot welding of mask earbands. It has the characteristics of high production efficiency, simple operation and stable quality.

  • The L-pillar design can solve the problem of back tilt when welding.

  • The 20KHz ultrasonic system is quieter and can meet various earband welding requirements.

  • Ultrasonic welding head is made of high-speed steel. It has a long service life, long lasting and durable.

  • The generator uses imported originals, and the ultrasonic transducer uses Japan's HONDA.

  • The design of the machine head is small and beautiful; the operation sight is good.

  • New ultrasonic generator electric box design, automatic tracking, intelligent protection, stable performance.

  • Pneumatic components, reliable quality and long service life.

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Operation video of the mask earloop welding machine

Technical Data

Working power220 ± 5V 50Hz 10A
Input power2000w
Output frequency20KHz
Applicable mask typesflat masks, folding masks, cup masks, etc.
Packing weightabout 200KG


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