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Ultrasonic Gloves Making Machine WL-B300

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This is a fully automatic computer-controlled cloth glove forming machine. It is convenient, efficient, and high precision.

Model: WL-B300

Ultrasonic Gloves Making Machine WL-B300


  • This ultrasonic hand gloves making machine adopts automatic computer PLC intelligent control system, which can be used for different sized gloves making.

  • The diameter can be freely changed, no need to change gears.

  • All transmission parts are synchronized by computer, convenient, high efficiency and high precision.

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Operation Video of the Ultrasonic Hand Gloves Making Machine

Technical Data

Voltage220V±5V 50HZ(60HZ)
Productivity25-30 pairs/min
Max.width of fabric310mm
Max.length of glove450mm
Fitting wheelwidth 380mm, diameter variable
Typefully automatic computer control


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