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Shielded Flexible Flat Cable Crimping Machine, Crimping Machines For Flat Flexible Substrates

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This is a semi-automatic machine for crimping connectors onto membrane switch flexible tail or flexible circuit.

Model:  WL-MS01

Shielded Flexible Flat Cable Crimping Machine


  • Easy to change molds, fast and time saving

  • Stable voltage, fast speed, high accuracy, low noise

  • Suitable for crimping membrane switch terminal

  • Working times can be adjusted to 1-20 times, and the working interval can be adjusted as well

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Operation video of the Shielded Flexible Flat Cable Crimping Machine

Technical Data

ApplicationMembrane Switch Crimping
Nominal pressure36.5KG
Average power consumption450W
Motor Power550W
Stroke30mm(40mm is customizable)
Power Supply220V/50Hz,110V/60Hz
Net Weight 38KG


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