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Rotary Cable Stripping Machine

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The pneumatic rotary large gauge cable stripping machine can process a wide variety of cable types such as single-strand soft wire, multi-stranded soft wire, hard wire, round multi-conductor cable and flat cable. The maximum stripping diameter is 25mm.

Model: WL-R100



  • This machine is mainly used for stripping large gage cables. It is a special equipment for processing of new energy DC cables;

  • High precision rotating and strong stripping;

  • Maximum wire diameter 25mm, max length 100mm;

  • Adopt double blade, change without correction, automatically find the machining center, which greatly increases the productivity.

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Operation video of the rotary cable stripping machine


Technical Data

Model WL-R100
Control system Dedicated controller
Stripping method Rotary peeling
Stroke 0-100mm
Voltage 220V 50-60HZ
Air pressure 0.5-0.7Mp
Power 100W
Stripping diameter ø10-ø25mm
Stripping tolerance ±0.2
Speed 20-40pcs/min
Size 1000x450x350mm
Weight 80kg



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