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PVC Coated Metal Corrugated Pipe Cutting Machine

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The universal cutting machine for hoses and tubes is designed for automatic cut-to-length and cutting of a wide spectrum of materials. For corrugated tubes, plastic pipes, PVC tubes, silicon tubes and much more, our universal cutting machine delivers precise results with good cut quality and high working speeds.
Model: WL-BW760

PVC Coated Metal Corrugated Pipe Cutting Machine


  • Motor blade, rotating cutting, high accuracy

  • Universal for different tasks due to exchangeable cutting tools

  • High cutting performance due to high feeder speed

  • Robust design with long service life
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Operation video of the PVC Coated Metal Corrugated Pipe Cutting Machine

Technical Data

Model WL-BW760
Control system motion control board plus man-machine interface
Cutting method rotating round knife
Cutter power 1KW
Feeding motor servo motor
Feeding method crawler feeding
Blade moving method digital control motor
Output method conveyor belt output
Feed stroke 40mm
Power source 220V 50-60HZ
Air pressure 0.5-0.7Mp
Power 2,000W
Cutting diameter ø1-ø40mm
Length error ± 0.5
Speed 20-40 pcs / minute
Size 1,020x530x1,300 (not including protrusions)
Weight about 270KG





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