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Open Barrel Flag Terminal Crimping Machine, Wire Peeling and Flag Connector Crimping Machine

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This semi-automatic wire stripping and flag terminal crimping machine is specially designed for processing straight feeding terminals in roll. It’s good at processing single core wires and multi-core cables. This machine can strip wire and crimp flag terminals and other terminals at one time, so there’s no need to strip the wire before crimping.

Model: WL-3000Z

automatic cable stripping and flag terminal crimping machine


  • Adopts advanced frequency conversion technology to accurately control the variable frequency motor, and equipped with high-precision control module and transmission mechanism, so that stripping and crimping can be completed in one time.

  • Low noise, low power consumption and high speed, having a significant effect on multi-core power cords.

  • The stripping action is driven by the cylinder, the action speed is fast, and the positioning is accurate.

  • The stripped waste is vacuum-absorbed, clean, convenient and simple.

  • The crimping is driven by a turbine and the pressure is highly accurate.

  • The overall speed can be changed through the operation panel to suit the operator's proficiency.

  • The pneumatic parts are all made of Taiwan AirTAC components, which are durable and accurate. They are suitable for all kinds of straight feeding terminals, and the terminals are crimped at the stripping position to achieve uniformity.

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Operation video of the Open Barrel Flag Terminal Crimping Machine

Technical Data

Power supply200V~240V 45/60Hz
Air source0.5~0.6mpa(please use dry and clean air)
Applicable wire diameterAWG14#~AWG26#(depending on the wire type)
Applicable wireAV、AVS、AVSS、CAVUS、KV、KIV、UL、IV Teflon、Fiber Cable, etc.
Stripping length1.0mm~8.0mm
Cutting tolerance0.05mm~0.1mm
Position tolerance0.05mm~0.1mm
Terminal crimpingopen continuous straight feeding terminal
Crimping force3T
Crimping stroke50mm
Machine sizeL450*W500*H1000mm
Total weight120KG


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