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Label Wrap-around Machine for Wire and Cable

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This automatic cable and wire labeling machine is suitable for wrapping-around labels onto power cables, data cables, and USB cables of computers, printers, digital cameras, tablets, phones and other devices.

Model: ZCUT-560 / WL-60C

Label Wrap-around Machine for Wire and Cable


  • A newly developed intelligent automation equipment for wire and plug power line labeling.

  • Mainly used for bar code labels, warning labels, description labels, etc.

  • Can be used to label power cord, data cable, and more for laptop, desktop computer, printer, digital camera, PDA, mobile phone and other devices.

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Operation video of wire and cable label wrapping-around machine

Technical Details

ModelZCUT-560 / WL-60C
Labeling speed1200 pcs/hour or more, depending on the label size and operating speed
Labeling accuracy±0.2mm
Winding range4mm or more in diameter
Applicable label rangeWidth 5~50(mm) Length 20~100(mm)


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