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Fully Automatic Teflon Taping Machine, Fully Automatic Teflon PTFE Tape Winding Machine

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This is a fully automatic Teflon PTFE tape wrapping machine for pipe fittings. The the operator only needs to put the threaded joint into the vibrating plate, and the equipment will automatically wrap teflon tape onto fittings.

Model: WL-1310

Fully Automatic Teflon Taping Machine


  • Vibrating plate feeding, easy to operate, high efficiency and high quality.

  • The number of turns and winding speed can be set.

  • 5 times faster than the traditional skilled manual operation, 1 hour to produce 600-800 pieces.

  • Winding closely and tightly, not easy to fall off

  • The data of servo drive is accurate, reliable and stable

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Operation video of the Fully Automatic Teflon Taping Machine

Technical Data

Air pressure0.45MPa
Applicable threadsZG1/8-2 inch threads and NPT1/8-2 inch threads.
Winding efficiency4-6 seconds/piece (winding 3-5 circles).
Applicable PTFE Teflon tape

width: 5mm-14mm

thickness: 0.1mm

Net weightabout 150kg


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