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φ60mm Plastic Corrugated Tubes Cutting Machine

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This is a fully automatic high precision flexible conduit tube cutting machine. It is able to cut wire loom convoluted tubing with high cutting precision. The maximum cutting diameter reaches 60mm. It meets customers' needs for wire harness processing in industries such as automotive, new energy, aerospace, motorcycle, urban rail transit, high voltage cabinets and more.
Model: WL-B60
Plastic corrugated pipe HDPE corrugated pipe

○ Control system: PLC man-machine interface

○ Cutting off method: Cylinder cutting off

○ Integrated circuit, stable control and simple maintenance
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Operation video of the plastic corrugated pipe cutting machine

Technical Data

Model WL-B60
Stroke 60mm
Power 220V 50-60HZ
Rated Power 500W
Cutting diameter ø5-60mm
Cutting tolerance ±0.5% cutting off length
Cutting speed 10-60 pcs/min (depending on the length)
Dimension 85 x 70 x 68cm (L x W x H)
Weight 96KG

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