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Copper plumbing pipe cutting machine, copper pipes cutting machine

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This is a fully automatic cutting machine for processing of copper pipe, metal rod, metal pipe, brass tube, aluminum rod, plastic rod and much more.

Copper plumbing pipe cutting machine


  • Cutting material: copper (aluminum) material like metal rod, metal pipe, brass tube, aluminum rod, etc.

  • Delta PLC + touch screen (Delta)

  • Siemens four-stage motor

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Operation video of the copper plumbing pipe cutting machine

Technical Data

Model WL-500CNC
Control form Delta PLC + touch screen (Delta)
Main motor Siemens four-stage motor
Main motor power 3.0KW
Servo accuracy 0.001mm
Travel range 480mm
Cutting material copper (aluminum) material
Material size about 6000mm
Diameter range 0.6mm-48mm
Cutting accuracy ±0.03mm
Product verticality ±0.01mm (adjustable verticality)
Cutting surface smooth without burrs
Cutting size range 1mm-2,000mm
Cutting quantity range 1-15 pieces
Die change time 0.3-1 minutes
Tungsten steel saw blade Ø180mm* 1.0mm * 100T / Ø150* 0.8mm * 120T
Cutting width 1.0 mm/0.8 mm


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