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Cable Tie Fixing and Packing Machine | Nylon Wire Tie Banding Equipment

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This automatic cable tie fixing and packing machine (nylon wire tie banding equipment) is suitable for goods fixing and packing, joints fixing for gas and liquid pipes, bag sealing for food and liquid materials. It is also suitable for tightening wire harness with sleeves.

cable tie fixing and packing machine


  • Use bulk cable ties, vibration feeding, transferred to the gun via hose.

  • Foot pedal or photoelectric induction excitation, automatically complete all actions such as feeding, banding, tightening, cutting, and discarding waste.

  • Can be fixed onto table or production line.

  • Binding force is adjustable by turning the knob.

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Operation video of the nylon wire tie banding equipment

Technical Data

Cable tie specs2.5x80mm2.5x100mm
Min. banding Dia. φ2.0mmφ2.0mm
Max. banding Dia. for wireφ14mmφ17mm
Max. banding Dia. for tubeφ13mmφ16mm
Operation speed0.7s0.7s
Gun size245*95*64mm250*102*64mm
Gun weight0.84kg0.85kg
Host powerAC 220V 50/60HzAC 220V 50/60Hz
Gun powerDC 48VDC 48V
Pneumatic pressure5 KG/cm25 KG/cm2


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