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Automatic Silicone Tubing Cutting Machine, Silicone Hose Cut-to-length Machine

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This automatic tube hose cutting machine is suitable for cutting of silicone tubes, corrugated tubes, rubber tubes, PVC PE PPR and other tubes, which is efficient and stable.

Model:  HLJ-400/01

Automatic Silicone Tubing Cutting Machine


  • Cutting corrugated tubes, rubber tubes and other tubes

  • Efficient, stable and durable

  • Easy to understand PLC touch screen control

  • Stepper motor control with stable feeding and precise cutting length

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Operation video of the Silicone Hose Cut-to-length Machine

Technical Data

Cutting accuracy± 0.1mm
Cutting length0.1-99999.9.mm
Cutting diameterMax. φ38mm

(Diameter greater than 38mm need to be customized.)

Cutting speed60-210pcs/min (depending on cutting length)
PowerAC220V, 560KW
Gross weight84kg
Net weight66kg


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