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Automatic Cable Tying Machine Nylon Wire Tie Banding Equipment 

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This is a semi-automatic cable tying machine nylon wire tie banding equipment. It is widely used in automotive wire harness, appliance wire harness and other industries.

Model: WL-900L

Automatic Cable Tying Machine Nylon Wire Tie Banding Equipment 


  • The operator only needs to put the wire /tube and cable tie to correct position and then press down the foot switch, the machine will finish all tying steps automatically.

  • PLC touch screen control, clear and intuitive, easy to operate.

  • The tightness and tying length can be set through program.

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Operation video of the Plastic cable tie strapping machine

Technical Data

Model WL-900L 
Applicable cable tie length 180 / 200mm
The max. tying diameter40 / 50mm
Max strapping force15N
Max. conduit diameter11mm
Air pressure0.6 Mpa
Noise level<70dBA
Electrical connectionAC 220/110V/50/60HZ 750W
Starting System Pedal
Dimensions 1200*550*780mm


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