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PVC Tubing Cutter Machine

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Our automatic tubing cutters are great for cutting PVC tubing, corrugated tubing or other plastic tubing of all different types. They deliver a uniform, precise cut for rigid or soft plastic tubing. We support sample testing, with just a few samples of your material, we personally customize your automatic cutting machine before it is shipped to you. We test cut and make the necessary adjustments to the automatic tubing cutting machine so it cuts your PVC tubing to your particular specifications. We’ll be sure that your new cutting machine will deliver the best and most accurate cut for materials.

Model: WL-BW04

automatic pvc tubing cutter

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  • Digitalized operation - PCL touch screen control

  • Cut long length corrugated tubes with high cutting precision

  • This machine adopts belt traction and displacement sensor, actively responds to pre-placed pipes, and is actively transported with high accuracy

  • Integrated circuit, stable control, simple maintenance

  • It is the preferred corrugated tube cutting machine for high-end customers such as automobile wiring harness, new energy harness, aerospace, motor train, urban rail transit, high voltage cabinet, etc.

Operation video of the tubing cutting mahcine

Technical Data

Cutting length10-9999mm
Cutting width4.5-32mm
Voltage/Frequency220/110(V)   50/60Hz
Package size


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