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News and Machine Introductions

  • 2022
  • Cutting Stripping Twisting Tinning and Crimping Machine

    This is a fully automatic wire cutting stripping twisting tin soldering and connectors crimping machine. It can process double-end cutting and stripping, crimping terminal on one end, twisting and tinning on the other end.

  • Sheet Cutting Slitting Machine WL-1200S

    This paper/film roll to sheet cutting and slitting machine is suitable for cutting non-woven materials like film and paper. It is widely used in bag making, printing and packaging industries.

  • Automatic new energy cable cutting & stripping machine

    This fully automatic wire and cable cutting and stripping machine is suitable for processing of new energy cables, multi-strand copper wires, coaxial cables, and sheathed cables up to 35 sq mm.

  • Steel Reinforced Rubber Edging Cutting Machine

    The universal cutting machine for hoses and tubes is designed for automatic cut-to-length and cutting of a wide spectrum of materials. For rubber edging profiles, corrugated tubes, plastic pipes, PVC tubes, silicon tubes and much more, our universal cutting machine delivers precise results with good cut quality and high working speeds.

  • Servo Motor Driven Tubular Terminal Crimping Machine

    The servo motor driven cable connector crimping machine is mainly used for crimping of large tubular terminals.

  • Cable Coiling Machine for Cutting and Stripping Machine

    This automatic wire looping machine can be used with our fully automatic wire cutting and stripping machine.

  • Zip Tie Machine | Cable Tie Fastening Machine

    This nylon cable tying machine adopts vibration plate to feed the nylon cable ties to work position continuously. The operator only needs to put the wire harness to correct position and then press down the foot switch, then the machine will finish all tying steps automatically.

  • Connector Punching Machine

    This is a semi-automatic servo motor driven cable connector punching machine. It features high crimping accuracy and stable crimping quality, which is suitable for processing of new energy wiring harness.

  • Automatic Wire Spool Dereeler | Wire Prefeeder

    The automated wire pay-off machine is the perfect fit for wire processing machines such as automatic wire crimping machines, cable cutting stripping machine, wire soldering machines, etc.

  • Rotary Cable Stripping Machine

    The pneumatic rotary large gauge cable stripping machine can process a wide variety of cable types such as single-strand soft wire, multi-stranded soft wire, hard wire, round multi-conductor cable and flat cable. The maximum stripping diameter is 25mm.

  • Fully Automatic Crimping Machine

    This fully automatic double-head terminal crimping machine can process wire cutting, wire stripping and crimp terminal at one end or both ends. It can be equipped with horizontal and vertical molds.

  • Coax Cable Stripping Machine - Coax Wire Processing Machine

    This semi-automatic coaxial wire stripping machine can strip up to 9 layers, and the maximum processing cable diameter is 18mm.


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