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Wire and Cable Twisting Machine Wire and Cable Twisting Machine

The high speed wire and cable twisting machine is suitable for processing of electronic wires, winding wires, braided wires, computer cables, automobile wires, and much more.

  • WL-JX100
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  • Description
  • Technical Data
  • This machine is mainly for wire stranding, and the direction of rotation can be selected;

  • Large torque and steady quality;

  • Electronic control, easy to operate, can set the number of twisted turns, accurate and stable;

  • The machine has the function of twisting and stranding wire. The twisting wire strength can be customized from the governor;

  • The stranding force is even, and the twisting speed can be customized from the adjuster, and the stranding direction can be selected;

  • Can be customized as two axes, three axes and five axes.

Main shaft directionPositive and negative reversible
Spindle speed300-7500 adjustment
Strand length6m 
Number of storage items99 kinds
Winding error0
Speed rate1500 pcs/H
Winding process20 kinds
Motor power60W
Strandable wire diameter12-36 AWG
Number of windings0.5-9999.9 laps/circles


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