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Portabel Metal Pipe Cutting Machine Portabel Metal Pipe Cutting Machine

This portable steel pipe cutter machine adopts advanced planetary cutting technology, and is especially suitable for cutting thin-wall stainless steel pipe and pipe elbow. It is the best choice for pipe welding after cutting in semiconductor, electronic equipment, beer, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, beverage, dairy, chemical industry, water treatment and other industries.

  • WL-XZ4
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  • Description
  • Technical Data
  • Lightweight and easily transportable, flexibility for on-site applications

  • It is suitable for thin wall pipe, especially for cutting thin wall stainless steel pipe

  • Suitable for thin-walled pipe and pipe elbow cutting

  • Cold cutting process prevents corrosion

  • Fast planetary cutting process to increase productivity

  • Multi-point pipe fixing device

  • Quick adjustment to fit pipe size

  • Neat, burr-free and undeformed pipe cuts for automatic welding without filling

Pipe OD6-120mm
Pipe elbow10-120mm
Wall thickness1-3mm
Voltage/Frequency110/220V 50/60Hz
Rotating rate30-150rpm


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