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Heating Machine Heating Machine

This solution is a way to convert manual operations into mechanical operations in the production process of the hot forging industry.

  • WLS-Y
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○ Place the processed copper rods in the feed hopper with a forklift.
○ The feeder automatically feeds and discharges materials, and pushes them into the gas furnace for heating according to the rhythm.
○ The heated materials are ejected; the heated materials slide through the furnace mouth. The trough enters the conveyor belt. A temperature detection device is installed at the end of the conveyor belt. Each copper bar is tested in real time before forging.
○ If the temperature test fails, the material temperature screening cylinder at the end of the conveyor belt will open and the material will fall to In the unqualified material barrel, until reheating.

Model WLS-Y
Billet specifications

diameter (Ø19~Ø40MM),

the longest 120MM;

the length is longer than the diameter.

Material round copper rod
Heating temperature below 850℃
Heating cycle time the fastest 2 seconds/piece;max to 99s, can be adjusted
Gas natural gas (methane) , liquefied petroleum gas (propane, butane,C3H8-C4H10,C3H8-C4H10 )                     
Power supply 80V, 50HZ, 2.20KW
Maximum size of the workpiece Φ40×120mm  
Automatic feeder (long material) 1300*900*1500 mm
Heating furnace 1500*500*1500 mm           
Gross weight 1800 kg   



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