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Fully Automatic Wire Winding & Twisting Tie Machine Fully Automatic Wire Winding & Twisting Tie Machine

This fully automatic wire winding & twisting tie machine is suitable for tube and wire coil winding and tying. It can bundle the coil using two ties at one time.

  • WL-BM0
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  • Description
  • Technical Data
  • ● Suitable for wire and tube round coil winding and bundling with two ties

  • ● Strong compatibility, applicable to a variety of pipe materials, such as: drinking water pipe,  hot pipe, PE pipe, etc.

  • ● High performance, speed up to 1200 per hour, save labor costs

  • ● Simple and easy to operate, easy to maintain

  • ● Easy to operate, maintain and debug

  • ● Small size and space saving

  • ● The finished product is beautiful, generous, neat and easy to pack

  • ● Ergonomic design to reduce fatigue

  • ● Adopt the original SMC cylinder imported from Japan and a full set of pneumatic components from Taiwan AirTAC

Model WL-BM0
Suitable material Tube wire winding
Applicable diameter ≤Φ10mm
Ligation diameter ≤ 50 mm
Theoretical yield ≤ 1200PCS/ H
Spacing 70-180mm
Head length 40-130mm
Tail length > 40mm
Applicable cable ties Rubber coated iron core
Air pressure 0.4-0.55Mpa
Weight 120kg
Dimension 1000*1200*1800mm

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