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All-in-One Corrugated Tube Cutting Machine All-in-One Corrugated Tube Cutting Machine

This all-in-one corrugated tube cutting machine is suitable for cutting long length corrugated pipes with high cutting precision. The machine adopts belt traction and displacement sensor, pre-releases and actively delivers pipes to achieve high speed and high precision. It meets customers' needs for wire harness processing in industries such as automotive, new energy, aerospace, motorcycle, urban rail transit, high voltage cabinets and more.

  • WL-BW06/BW07
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  • Description
  • Technical Data
  • Touch screen, PLC control, digital operation

  • Pre-release, pre-delivery, efficient and accurate pipe cutting

  • Integrated circuit, stable control and simple maintenance

  • Precise cutting of peaks and troughs

  • Features splitting function

ModelCutting lengthCutting widthPowerVoltage/ FrequencyWeightPackage size
10-9999mm4.5-32mm1.50KW220/110(V) 50/60Hz100kg1450*700*1500mm
YH-BW0710-9999mm4.5-25mm1.50KW220/110(V) 50/60Hz100kg1450*700*1500mm

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