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Machine Introduction
  • Rotary Pipe & Tube Cut-off Machine

    Rotary pipe cutting machine cuts off tube or pipe quickly without any waste of material or need for deburring. Cutting length: 3mm-1000mm (or longer).Model:

    2020 11-23
  • Vibration Plate Feeding Loose Piece Connectors Crimping Machine WL-ZDP

    This is a semi-automatic cable connector crimping machine. It is
    suitable for crimping loose piece terminals with vibration plate
    feeding. The operating speed is comparable to that of the chain
    terminals, saving labor and cost, and having more cost-effective

    2020 11-09
  • Five Ends Four Wires Combined Terminal Crimping Machine

    This is a fully automatic wire cutting stripping and five ends four wires combined terminal crimping machine. It can process 4 wires at the same time, one side crimping 4 wires into one terminal, and the other side crimping terminals for each wire.

    2020 10-22
  • Belt Feeding Tube Cutting Machine

    This customized belt drive tube cutting machine is suitable for cutting
    silicone tube, rubber tube, PVC plastic water hose, and much more. The
    belt conveying will not damage the tube, and the cutting accuracy is

    2020 10-19
  • Rotary Blade Webbing Tape Multi-Shape Cutting Machine

    This rotary woven tape cutting machine is able to cut woven belt,
    elastic belt, nylon ribbon, colored ribbon, backpack belt, shoelace and
    other nylon materials into 5 shapes. The cutting speed is up to 120

    2020 10-16
  • Ultrasonic Satin Woven Labels Cutting Machine

    This is a high speed ultrasonic clothing label trademark cutting
    machine. The materials are sealed by the instant heat from the
    ultrasonic unit while cutting. The cutting speed can reach up to 600

    2020 09-22
  • Multi-core Cable Inner Wires Long and Short Stripping Machine

    Multi-core long and short wire stripping machine can cut and strip core
    wires of different lengths according to the different needs of users.
    The cutting and stripping is completed by the servo system and
    high-precision linear module, which has the characteristics of high
    quality, high efficienc

    2020 09-21
  • Cable Coiling and Binding Machine with Length Measuring Feature

    This automatic cable winding and tying machine features counting meter
    function. It is suitable for processing of AC power cord, DC power cord,
    USB cable, video cable, and HDMI high-definition cable with different

    2020 09-17
  • Heat Shrink Sleeves Shrinking Equipment

    The heat shrinkable sleeves heating machine is suitable for wire harness
    processing enterprises to heating heat shrinkable tubing. It comes with
    double transmission without wire injured and double-sided heating.
    Omnidirectional reflection of hot materials makes the heat shrinkable
    tubes evenly h

    2020 09-17
  • Wire Sequence Inspecting Device

    The wiring harness in the terminal connector usually needs to be arranged according to a certain color sequence, manual inspection often causes misdiagnosis or missed inspection due to eye fatigue. The wire sequence inspecting device adopts vision technology and intelligent algorithms to determine c

    2020 09-16
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