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Machine Introduction
  • Wire Harness Taping Machine

    This cable taping machine is mainly used for wrapping tapes for wire
    harness used in automobiles, motorcycles and aviation, playing the role
    of marking, fixing and insulating.Model: AT-305

    2020 01-17
  • Wire Harness Taping Equipment

    This is a professional tape winding machine used for wire harness tape
    winding. It winds the tape around the wire for automobile, motorcycle
    and aviation, and plays the role of marking, fixing and insulation.
    AT-3608 is an intelligent automatic tape wrapping machine, which
    provides automation fo

    2020 01-07
  • Wire and Cable Prefeeding Dereeler Machine

    The wire and cable prefeeding dereeler machine handles 600 mm reels
    weighing up to 60 kg and is ideal for tension-free prefeeding to an
    automatic wire and cable processing machine.Model:

    2020 01-06
  • Automatic Wire and Cable Pay Off Stand

    This machine is an automatic wire and cable pre feeder machine,
    integrated with gas and electricity, featuring brake function. It is
    mainly used to place multi-core and single-core cables with reel. It can
    process cables up to 10MM diameter.Model: YH

    2020 01-06
  • Flexible Wire Loom Cutting Machine

    Flexible Wire Loom Cutting and Splitting Machine

    2020 01-04
  • All-in-one Cable Cutting Stripping Coiling and Tying Machine

    This is a fully automatic all-in-one wire cutting stripping and twist
    tie machine. The stripping length of both ends reaches 370mm, and the
    speed can reach 600 pcs / hour.Model:

    2020 01-03
  • Small Gauge Wire Stripping Machine

    This wire cutting and stripping machine is suitable for PVC cables,
    Teflon cables, Silicone cables, glass fiber cables and much more.
    Processing wire range: single core: 0.1~4.5mm2 , double wire: 0.1~2.5mm2Model:

    2020 01-02
  • Cable Jacket Stripping Machine

    This fully automatic cable cutting jacket stripping machine is able
    to peel outer skin of single core and multi-core sheathed cables. The
    applicable wire sizes range from 6-30 sq mm. Model:

    2020 01-02
  • Label Wrap-around Machine for Wire and Cable

    This automatic cable and wire labeling machine is suitable for wrapping-around labels onto power cables, data cables, and USB cables of computers, printers,
    digital cameras, tablets, phones and other devices.

    2019 12-31
  • Wire Two-ends Crimping Machine and One-end Heat Shrinkable Tubing Loading Machine

    This single-head heat-shrink tubing inserting and two-ends terminal
    crimping machine can process wire cutting, stripping, crimping and
    inserting heat-shrink tubing to specified position.Model:

    2019 12-30
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Suzhou Crown Electronic Technology

Supply Professional Wire Processing Equipment


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